Friday, 18 February 2011

Bio Business in NI - Great Story

Spent part of the day at a very interesting conference hosted by Belfast Metropolitan College and Bio Business. The event focused on skills and innovation.

I am not a scientist but I was very impressed at some of the products, many produced here, that companies small and large are producing that can assist health professionals keep track of a patients health without ever leaving the office.

Telehealth/Connected Health has potential savings to the health service and could lead to:reduced waiting lists; reduced hospital admissions; more effective and timely treatment which again would remove costs; greater communication between patient and medical staff and indeed between medical professionals.

The point is that this expertise is here, now, investing and employing people. This needs to recognised at the highest political and business levels. InvestNI should be supported in helping our companies export technology which will create high skilled and high paid jobs at home.

But the benefits of this technology should be felt here, at home, now in order to help our health service make significant savings in the near future.

The Bio Sector also needs outlets to showcase its products to government here in NI and all-island as well as the trade missions abroad.Hopefully this would help government see that small companies can make as a significant impact as big companies and procurement rules should be reformed to recognise this.

I was very impressed this morning and thanks to BMC and Bio Business for a very interesting morning. Now lets spread the good news!

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