Wednesday, 2 December 2009

US and the Afghanistan Decision

President Obama has come in for much criticism in recent weeks over his delay to make a decision on sending more troops to Afghanistan. I would imagine that there is nothing harder for a leader than ordering people to go to a place where they will be in constant danger and unfortunately some of them killed.

The rights and wrongs of this war have been argued by smarter people than I. I just want to make a few comments on his decision.

The war against Iraq was a knee jerk reaction to the tragic events of September 11th. I see no problem in any leader taking their time to make a decision about sending people into 'Harms way'. Taking time can:

- Lead to more effective decision making

- Prepare properly with equipment...

- Define what the mission actually is

and one thing that has been missing in US planning and engagement in the previous administration is HOW DO WE GET OUT. What will define 'Mission Accomplished'?

Hopefully this pause for though has enabled the President and his advisers to have answers to the above questions.

I would rather a political leader who thinks for a while rather than one who declares 'Dead or Alive' anyday. Lets keep that stuff in the world of fantasy and Hollywood where it belongs.