Thursday, 17 February 2011

Back again

Yes my legions of fans I have returned! That should mean so much to all 3 of you. Its been about a year since I have blogged and what a year it has been.

Big news first - I have started my own public affairs company called Resolute Public Affairs. The website should be available soon! Also moving to a new house in April in South Belfast - so all you election candidates be aware.

I have started again because so much appears to be happening in the world of politics at the moment - Local and Assembly elections in May; a budget that has no programme for government; a budget that votes were taken on before the public consultation had even ended! oh yeah and various crises in the health service - 46,000 x-rays ignored - but dont worry everyone will keep their jobs!

There will also be elections in the Republic of Ireland which will have a bearing on what happens in our part of the world.

Hopefully the new posts will be interesting and regular it would be great to hear any and all comments



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